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How much does a Conservatory cost in 2024?

Thinking of adding a conservatory to your property as a home expansion plan?  Or are you planning to enhance the value of your home by adding an insulated conservatory?

Conservatories can be an expensive investment and for many people it’s crucial to plan in advance making sure it fits their needs and budget.

To top it off,  the process of a conservatory purchase is not as simple as just buying a car, it’s primarily because there are multiple variables which are associated with a conservatory build.

This write-up will cover the various facts regarding conservatory costs, helping you prepare an optimal budget for adding a new conservatory to your home.

1.  What will affect the Conservatory cost?

Some of the essential factors that will influence your new Conservatory costs are:

    • Conservatory size.
    • Building materials used, for example, natural stone will be more expensive than brick.
    • Conservatory colour, for example, grey frames are more expensive than white frames.
    • Type of Conservatory, for example, a tiled roof will be more expensive than a glass roof.
    • Conservatory sides, for example, a free-standing conservatory has four sides, while a corner conservatory often has only two sides.
    • Number of doors and windows.
    • Roof design and insulation.
    • Flooring material, for example, tiles will be more expensive than laminate.
    • Heating, for example, underfloor heating will be more expensive than wall heaters.
    • Regulatory and compliance-related costs.

Other than these factors, the building works may also add to the cost of your conservatory. These mainly include expenses towards groundwork composition, electrical, plumbing and any other additional works.

2.  Conservatory Cost Estimates

Most conservatory companies are hesitant to quote exact costings because the prices of all the above factors vary from project to project.

Therefore, most stick to a ballpark figure while estimating conservatory costs. Most of the factors mentioned above are subject to significant price fluctuations in the market and between different installation companies. This is because each company has a different solution to offer.

The costings mentioned below is a rough estimate from one of the UK’s most experienced and reputable conservatory companies.

These estimates do include where necessary, furnishings and building regulation approval costs.

The estimates have been prepared reasonably, taking into consideration the building work of the conservatory is straight forward and does not require intricate design. Other than that, the electrical connections, heating options, flooring, and installation-related aspects have been considered to prepare these benchmark estimates.

The Conservatory costs broadly fall into the following categories:

  1.  A white PVCu Conservatory with a solar performance glass roof

This cost will work out around £1,900 per square metre. The price quoted is as of January 2024 and includes all building work, electrics, plastering and laminate flooring.

Further factors affecting the cost are the conservatory size, frame colour, style, position and additional custom features.

  1.  A white PVCu “Orangery Style” with an internal pelmet & solar glass roof

In this case, the cost is estimated to be approximately £2,200 per square metre.

The cost includes as above, internal pelmet, LED downlights and external cornice. The price quoted is as per January 2024.

A foiled (coloured) version of a PVCu conservatory will increase the total project cost by around 10%.

  1.  Aluminium Conservatory with a solar performance glass roof

A stock colour aluminium conservatory will cost around £2,700 per square metre. If you require a custom colour this will increase the total project cost by approximately 5%. The price quoted is as per January 2024.

This price includes as above, internal pelmet, LED spot lights and external cornice.

  1.  Solid roof Conservatory with glass sections if required

 A new construction of a tiled roof extension will cost between £3,000 and £3,500 per square metre. These prices quoted are as of January 2024.

This price includes building regs, all building work, plastering, electrics and laminate flooring.

Why choose Somerset Sunrooms for Conservatory installation?

Conservatory installation needs budget planning and a local installer like Somerset Sunrooms can work out costs that meet your needs and also your budget!

The advantage of choosing Somerset Sunrooms also comes with the fact that they are a professional company, who do the job cost effectively, eliminating wastage and counter-productive practices.

Somerset Sunrooms has one of the largest outdoor show sites in the Southwest. They have a team of expert tradesmen who are thoroughly proficient in a smooth and cost- effective conservatory installation.

For the last decade, and since it’s inception, the company has completed over 1000 projects across Somerset. The company is one of the most trusted and reputable local conservatory installation companies and is an approved Ultraframe installer. It has been the recipient of an Ultraframe Award and enjoys top rankings on

At Somerset Sunrooms, there are no hidden costs or last-minute surprises, they do not shy away from quoting actual costs. They know that customers will get at least two or three quotations for their new conservatory before deciding on their installer.

Their quotations usually fall in the mid-range cost bracket. Led by the work ethic mission of “we work harder,” their customers get the right value for money when they employ their services for conservatory installation in and around Taunton, Bridgwater, Burnham on Sea, Weston super Mare, Clevedon, Portishead, Bristol and Bath.

Get the Expert's Advice on Conservatory Installation & Options

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