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All Year Round Living - Ultraframe Hup Home Extensions

The Hup is an amazing new home extension and conservatory replacement product from Ultraframe.

The Hup system can be used with any Ultraframe roof to form part of any home extension, orangery or conservatory.

Hup is said to be ‘five times more energy efficient than the average UK home’ and five times faster to build than conventional methods, needing only the skills of a conservatory fitting team and giving the homeowner the choice of cladding, windows and doors.

The hup system uses highly energy efficient and BBA approved Ultrapanels in place of brick walls and engineered Ultraframe roofing systems in place of timber and slate roofs. 

Available in any roof shape on footprints with 90° corners, installers can combine hup walls and claddings with a choice of five Ultraframe roofs to create a bespoke hup extension or conservatory. With hup there is far less mess and disruption than with traditional methods, meaning happy homeowners!

The ground breaking technology in Ultrapanels means that a hup build is far more energy efficient than the average UK home so, hup extensions are every bit as warm and thermally efficient as the rest of your home – if not warmer!

There are many challenges facing installers today – brick and skills shortages, more complex installations which increase site time, unpredictable weather, complex consumer demands, post-Covid demand and of course, the changes to Building Regulations. Ultraframe have put huge amounts of research into the hup system to create a solution to these problems.

Hup is fast and simple to build from the pre-manufactured kit as the majority of the building work is done in their factory, this also means less disruption for the homeowner.

Please check out the videos below of this amazing new building solution from Ultraframe. 

The first video is a conservatory home extension and the second is a kitchen home extension, please click on the box in the bottom right corner to watch in full screen.

Hup Home Extensions

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Take a moment to relax and browse through the Ultraframe Hup brochure and discover this amazing new home extension product .

Hup Extension Explained

Please check out the pictures below to see what can be achieved with this amazing home extension system from Ultraframe.

Get the Expert's Advice on Conservatory Installation & Options

For inquiries and guidance on our Hup home extensions in Somerset, please do not hesitate to contact our conservatory specialist, Gary, with over 30 years expertise in the building and conservatory industry.