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How to insulate a conservatory roof for year round living?

How to insulate a conservatory

Insulating a conservatory is a big challenge. However, conservatory insulation is an investment that is a must if you wish to conserve this beautiful addition to your home.

Insulation for conservatories is crucial to ensure the temperature remains comfortable throughout the year. Here are a few ways to insulate your conservatory.

1. The Roof

Let’s start with the best place to heatproof your conservatory – conservatory roof insulation. Two aspects in this context are worth mentioning.

1.1. Hazards of using typical methods for insulating conservatories.

Typically, companies specializing in conservatory insulation offer solutions around roof cladding. This involves drilling the glazing bars that are meant to safeguard the glazing. However, since glazing bars also make the system sound and support water drainage and ventilation, drilling these bars is not an intelligent way of conservatory insulation. Drilling weakens the bars and the roof. 

Not just that, these conservatory insulation companies use timber batons and thermal quilts with the glazing bars, this can extensively compromise the structural integrity of the roof and can have fatal consequences. Thermal quilts with PVC cladding result in higher heat build-up in the conservatory – this can again lead to roof collapse and other dangerous situations, like increased risks in the event of a fire. Lastly, using the methods mentioned above to insulate your conservatory makes the place darker, which is precisely opposite to the reasons you built the conservatory in the first place.

1.2. The conservatory needs a new roof.

Various tried-and-tested methods of insulating the conservatory fail as long as you choose to clad the existing roof. The solution for conservatory roof insulation lies in replacing the existing roof with an insulated lightweight roof system. These roofs are thermally efficient and created with advanced technology. No more darkness or the fear of fatal consequences! These roofs permit the entry of ample natural light and are heat-efficient. These roofs help maintain comfortable temperatures inside your conservatory all year round.

The best insulated conservatory roofs available in the UK are from Ultraframe. To install these new-age premium quality roofs, you can trust Somerset Sunrooms, one of the top conservatory roof insulators in the southwest. The new personalized roof is designed to meet the exact weather-specific requirements of your location and ensure structural safety.

2. Insulated Pelmet

Investing in a new Ultraframe tiled roof system comes with double benefits. These roof systems are equipped with an internal pelmet as standard. The pelmet can make a big difference in keeping your conservatory warm or cool as per the seasonal requirements.

The ceiling pelmet adds to the aesthetics of the decor of the place. People often install speakers and lighting systems around the pelmets for sprucing up the area. The biggest advantage is that an insulated pelmet is a perfect insulator that prevents convection currents from entering the place. The conservatory, therefore, keeps warm or cold, with the pelmets forming the perfect insulated cavity for the zone.

3. Add Insulated Columns to Your Conservatory

Another feature for insulating conservatories is Ultraframe’s super insulated columns. These really do enhance the look of your conservatory. When you use these instead of brick piers, the place is more comfortable and amiable, this is because these columns are comparatively more thermal-efficient than the standard piers.

Make sure you choose only leading installers like Somerset Sunrooms that bring the best quality and trusted performance to the table. They ensure aesthetics as well as deliver top-notch conservatory insulation solutions.

4. Insulated Roof Panels

 If you’re on a tight budget, this could serve as a temporary solution. However, it’s not a viable long-term option since these solutions demand extensive upkeep. Even though initially, the heat loss reduction will be between 32% and 55%, with the passage of time, the maintenance costs can make this investment a costly affair.

Remember, these are not the best long-term solutions for conservatory roof insulation. Moisture and snow can cause havoc with these materials.

5. Window Blinds

 Many people try this method since it is pocket-friendly. These are thermal blinds lined with aluminium. Effectively, the aluminium absorbs the heat and safeguards the conservatory from getting unnecessarily heated up during the summer. However, these will not be effective during winter. Also, these can block the view, which could be a big no-no for many homeowners.

Why Choose Somerset Sunrooms for Conservatory Insulation?

If you are thinking about conservatory insulation, you will need a professional company to carry out this kind of work. Not just that, you will also need to look at the most viable and long-standing solutions.

Somerset Sunrooms only use Ultraframe for insulating conservatories, one of the UK’s top manufacturers of conservatory insulated roofs. This underlines the fact that you will get top-notch quality and exceptional expertise in the realm of conservatories. The company has installed over 1000 projects in the past 10 years across Somerset with installations in Taunton, Bridgwater, Burnham on Sea, Weston super Mare, Clevedon, Portishead, Bristol, Bath and beyond. Most of all, customers are fully satisfied with the quality and service; that’s why they enjoy top rankings on

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